Thursday, August 7, 2014

All the Players involved in the Case

In the movie the characters are depicted as white. The real life case involved Hispanic-Americans.

very thin and short
nice figure
very pretty
not one to bite her tongue
not easily
Parents were going through a divorce at the time
She was attending the continuation school due to behavior problems

Laura Doyle
red haired
crooked teeth
According to several sources, Laura was actually very cute. The picture does not do her justice they say. They said that she had a "killer body," and a nice face with makeup.
A follower of Karen
Her parents abused her according to the source
She was attending the continuation school due to behavior problems

5 feet 2 inches and weighed 200 pounds
Intimidating personality and demeanor
Ringleader of the
parents spoiled her rotten. She got everything she wanted. She had a motorcycle and too much freedom. Her parents would leave her at home by herself many times while they were away. Karen became pregnant for Randi Fernandez, but she had an abortion. She later became pregnant with Stephanie. The father is unknown. Karen also has a sister named Stephanie.

Victor Amaya
Laura's boyfriend, but he dated Missy too briefly according to Victor
Has a tattoo on his arm of a leaf that says "stoner"
Karen's daughter, Stephanie, is about 24 years old, and a person close to the case saw her in or near Arleta about 2 years ago. She was thin, and she had piercings. She had sort of a punk rock appearance. She also seemed very "to herself," says the source.
The name is pronounced (AH bee la) instead of (av EE la)

Victor Amaya did not attend the same school as the rest. He attended Catholic school.
Karen, Laura, and Missy went to San Fernando High School, but the continuation school.

The group used to like to hang out in Branford Park in Arleta.The park where Missy was murdered is in Angeles National Forrest 45 minutes from Arleta.


  1. I think they should stay in prison for the rest of their life.The reason I say that is cause i have daughter's to and I don't want nothing bad to happend to them.

  2. I was looking or trying to look up information about the girls that did the murder to see if they are still in Prison or what happen to them? I had just watched the movie again with my husband and started wondering about if they were still in prison and what happen to the little girl in the movie? Anyone know how I can find any of this information?
    Just Curious?

    1. Bother Karen and Laura were release from jail. Karen was release in 2011; Laura was release in 2012. Both should have received the death penalty. My prays form Missy family. God bless. Rest in Peace Missy.

  3. I saw the movie on this yrz ago and I think this is just so awful! That poor girl never had a chance because those others were so jealous of her!! They need 2 spend the rest of their lives behind bars since they ruined alot of ppl's lives.....

  4. Yes here is an update on the real people with some pics.